How I Attended an All-Guy's Mixer Anime Set to Debut in October


A Unique Invitation

Get ready to step into the world of unexpected connections and surprising friendships as the television anime adaptation of Nana Aokawa's "How I Attended an All-Guy's Mixer" manga gears up for its highly anticipated debut in October. With a stellar cast of characters and an enticing storyline, this anime promises to deliver laughter, romance, and plenty of memorable moments.

A Sneak Peek

Excitement is in the air as the official website unveils the first promotional video for the upcoming anime. Offering a glimpse into the world of mixers and unexpected encounters, the promo sets the stage for an entertaining and heartwarming series. As viewers are introduced to the vibrant characters and their unique dynamics, anticipation for the anime's release continues to build.

Captivating Theme Songs

Adding to the excitement are the talented theme song artists Nasuo☆ and ASOBI Doumei. Nasuo☆ will dazzle audiences with the upbeat opening theme "Merry Go Round Time," while ASOBI Doumei sets the mood with the captivating ending theme "Ōsama Da-reda" (Who is the King). With their infectious melodies and catchy tunes, these songs are sure to become instant favorites among fans.

A Star-Studded Cast

Led by a talented ensemble cast, including Mikako Komatsu, Aoi Yūki, Nao Tōyama, and more, the anime brings the manga's beloved characters to life with flair and charisma. From the charming Suo to the earnest Tokiwa, each character adds depth and dimension to the story, creating a captivating ensemble that viewers will root for and relate to.

Behind the Scenes

Directed by Kazuomi Koga and featuring series scripts by Deko Akao, "How I Attended an All-Guy's Mixer" is in capable hands. With TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND composing the series' music and Ashi Productions handling animation, fans can expect a visually stunning and emotionally resonant anime experience.

A Story of Unexpected Connections

At its core, "How I Attended an All-Guy's Mixer" is a story about the power of friendship, acceptance, and self-discovery. As college student Tokiwa finds himself thrown into a mixer unlike any other, he discovers that true connections can be found in the most unexpected places. With each encounter, Tokiwa and his friends learn valuable lessons about love, friendship, and the importance of being true to oneself.


As fans eagerly await the premiere of "How I Attended an All-Guy's Mixer" this October, anticipation continues to grow for this charming and heartfelt anime adaptation. With its engaging storyline, lovable characters, and catchy theme songs, this series is poised to capture the hearts of viewers around the world. Get ready to join Tokiwa and his friends on a journey of laughter, romance, and unforgettable moments.

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