"Yoasobi Gurashi" Anime Announced for "Yaribeya Gurashi" Manga

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New AnimeFesta Adaptation

Suiseisha revealed on Friday that Suika's "Yaribeya Gurashi" manga is set to receive an anime adaptation under the AnimeFesta brand. The new anime, titled "Yoasobi Gurashi" (Night Life), will be accompanied by the release of the manga in print under the same title on April 18.

Unveiling the Story

"Yaribeya Gurashi" introduces the story of Kazuto and his childhood friend Yayoi, a model, who inexplicably requests to stay at Kazuto's apartment. As Kazuto observes Yayoi's interactions, particularly her late-night rendezvous, he begins to unravel the mystery behind her actions. The narrative takes a turn when Yayoi invites a friend over, marking the beginning of a new relationship between the two.

Manga Origin and Launch

Suika commenced the serialization of "Yaribeya Gurashi" on WWWave Corporation's ComicFesta website in 2022. The manga explores themes of adult relationships, aligning with the risqué nature of many other titles adapted under the AnimeFesta banner.

AnimeFesta Legacy

AnimeFesta, previously known as Anime Zone and ComicFesta Anime, boasts a portfolio of over 25 anime adaptations from ComicFesta's web manga service. These adaptations often feature adult or mature content. The series typically releases two versions—an on-air broadcast version with censorship and a premium uncensored version for online distribution.

Previous AnimeFesta Adaptations

AnimeFesta has been instrumental in bringing adult-themed manga to the small screen, with titles like "On a Lustful Night Mingling with a Priest" (Sōryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni...) setting the precedent. The dual-version release strategy caters to a broad audience, ensuring accessibility for both television viewers and online streaming audiences.

Recent AnimeFesta Entry

The most recent AnimeFesta adaptation, "Adam's Sweet Agony" (Modaete yo, Adam-kun), based on Toyo's manga, began streaming on December 8. The unique release model, encompassing television channels and online streaming services, continues to be a defining feature of the AnimeFesta brand.

English Availability

WWWave Corporation, the driving force behind AnimeFesta, contributes to the international reach of these adaptations. Many titles are made available in English through the Coolmic manga and anime website, showcasing a commitment to a global audience.

Conclusion: "Yoasobi Gurashi" Continues AnimeFesta's Legacy

"Yoasobi Gurashi" is poised to add a new chapter to AnimeFesta's legacy, exploring adult themes within the context of a captivating narrative. The convergence of manga and anime, complemented by a dual-release strategy, ensures a diverse audience can engage with the content, solidifying AnimeFesta's status in the world of adult-oriented anime adaptations.

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