"Plus-Sized Elf" Manga Gets TV Anime Adaptation in 2024


A New Anime Journey for "Plus-Sized Elf"

The popular manga series "Plus-Sized Elf" by Synecdoche is set to make its animated debut with a television anime adaptation, announced by Akita Shoten on Monday. The anime is scheduled to premiere later this year, bringing the unique characters and story to life.

Ayasa Itō to Star as Elfuda

The anime will feature Ayasa Itō in the lead role, portraying the character Elfuda. With her voice bringing the animated elf to life, Itō is set to capture the essence of the beloved manga character.

Manga's Background and Publication

"Plus-Sized Elf" first graced the pages of Wani Books' Comic Gum website in December 2016. The manga quickly gained popularity, prompting a switch to Akita Shoten after a hiatus in May 2021. The series resumed in Akita Shoten's Dokodemo Young Champion magazine in October 2021, concluding not long after. The eighth volume was published in November 2021, with the first seven volumes being re-released by Akita Shoten starting June 2022.

Synopsis of "Plus-Sized Elf"

The manga, now available in English from Seven Seas Entertainment, revolves around Naoe-kun, a massage therapist, who unexpectedly encounters a unique patient. The patient, Elfuda, possesses all the traits of an elf—emerald eyes, pointy ears, and a forest upbringing—except for one noticeable aspect: her curvaceous body. The story follows Naoe-kun's efforts to help Elfuda lose weight, addressing her obsession with junk food.

Seven Seas Entertainment's Contribution

Seven Seas Entertainment plays a key role in introducing "Plus-Sized Elf" to English-speaking audiences, not only through the manga releases but also by facilitating new editions with updated covers. The English adaptation allows a broader readership to explore the manga's humorous and endearing narrative.

Sequel Manga and Continued Success

Synecdoche extended the "Plus-Sized Elf" universe with "Plus-Sized Elf: Second Helping," launched on LINE Manga in November 2021. This "second season" further explores the world of the manga. The third compiled volume of "Plus-Sized Elf: Second Helping" is scheduled for release on January 26, 2024.

Anticipation for the Anime Premiere

As fans eagerly await the anime adaptation, the announcement adds to the excitement surrounding "Plus-Sized Elf." The combination of the manga's popularity, Seven Seas Entertainment's English releases, and the upcoming anime adaptation sets the stage for continued success in the world of entertainment.

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