"Vampire Dormitory" Welcomes FANTASTICS for Opening Theme "Sugar Blood Kiss"

The nocturnal allure of "Vampire Dormitory" is set to captivate anime enthusiasts in April, and the latest announcement brings an extra dose of excitement. The official website for the television anime adaptation of Ema Toyama's "Vampire Dormitory" manga revealed that FANTASTICS will be lending their musical talents to the series with the opening theme song titled "Sugar Blood Kiss." Additionally, a preview video showcasing the opening theme has been released, building anticipation for the supernatural cohabitation tale.

FANTASTICS to Serenade "Vampire Dormitory": Musical Preview Unveiled

Opening Theme: "Sugar Blood Kiss"
The energetic and talented group FANTASTICS has been selected to perform the opening theme song for "Vampire Dormitory." Titled "Sugar Blood Kiss," the song is poised to set the tone for the anime's mysterious and delightful atmosphere. As a sneak peek, a preview video has been made available, allowing fans to experience the harmonious blend of music and visuals that will greet them with each episode.

Anime Debut and Global Streaming: April Arrival on Crunchyroll

Debut in April
"Vampire Dormitory" is scheduled to make its anime debut in April, introducing viewers to the enchanting world of a crossdressing girl and her unusual cohabitation with a doting vampire. The narrative promises a mix of humor, thrills, and supernatural surprises as characters navigate their peculiar living arrangements.

Crunchyroll Streaming Details
For global fans eagerly awaiting the vampire-themed anime, Crunchyroll has secured streaming rights in various regions, including North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, the CIS, and India. The widespread availability ensures that a diverse audience can indulge in the captivating storyline as it unfolds.

Synopsis: A Tale of Unlikely Cohabitation

The story centers around Mito Yamamoto, a girl left alone in the world after losing her parents and being abandoned by relatives. Fate takes an unexpected turn when she encounters Ruka, a vampire who offers her shelter in exchange for her blood. As Mito navigates life in a boys' dorm filled with captivating personalities, the tale of a crossdressing girl and her vampire companion unfolds.

Conclusion: A Musical Prelude to Supernatural Coexistence

The collaboration between "Vampire Dormitory" and FANTASTICS promises a memorable opening theme, setting the stage for an anime filled with humor, intrigue, and unexpected bonds. As fans eagerly await the debut in April, the enchanting melody of "Sugar Blood Kiss" invites them into the nocturnal realm of supernatural cohabitation. Stay tuned for the unveiling of "Vampire Dormitory," where the harmonious blend of music and storytelling awaits!

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