"Expelled from Paradise" Sequel Takes Flight: Toei Animation Announces "Rakuen Tsuihō: Liberated from Paradise"



In a thrilling announcement at Toei Animation's "Virtual Anime Fes" livestream event, fans of the 2014 anime film "Expelled from Paradise" were treated to exciting news – the production of a sequel titled "Rakuen Tsuihō: Liberated from Paradise (Rakuen Tsuihō: Kokoro no Resonance)." With the original creative team back at the helm, including director Seiji Mizushima and scriptwriter Gen Urobuchi, this upcoming feature-length anime promises to be a captivating continuation of the cosmic narrative that began six years ago.

A Reunion of Visionaries

The revelation of "Rakuen Tsuihō: Liberated from Paradise" marks the return of the key personnel responsible for the success of "Expelled from Paradise." Director Seiji Mizushima, known for his visionary storytelling, and scriptwriter Gen Urobuchi of Nitroplus, famed for his intricate and compelling narratives, are set to bring their creative prowess to the sequel. Character designer Masatsugu Saitō and composer NARASAKI complete the ensemble, ensuring the sequel retains the visual and auditory excellence that defined its predecessor.

Expelled from Paradise's Success

"Expelled from Paradise," released in November 2014, made a significant impact both in Japan and internationally. Premiering in 13 theaters, it garnered an impressive 110,000 tickets sold. The subsequent Blu-ray Disc and DVD release in Japan saw over 70,000 copies sold, attesting to the film's enduring popularity. The accolades continued with the movie winning the Best Animation of the Year Award at the 24th Japan Movie Critics Awards in May 2015, solidifying its status as a standout work in the anime landscape.

An International Journey

Aniplex of America played a pivotal role in bringing "Expelled from Paradise" to a wider audience. The film's release in 15 theaters across the United States in December 2014 was followed by a Blu-ray Disc release in North, Central, and South America in June 2015. The international acclaim received by the first installment sets the stage for "Rakuen Tsuihō: Liberated from Paradise" to be eagerly anticipated by anime enthusiasts around the world.


As "Rakuen Tsuihō: Liberated from Paradise" takes its place on the horizon, fans of "Expelled from Paradise" can look forward to another cinematic adventure set in the captivating universe crafted by Seiji Mizushima, Gen Urobuchi, and the talented team at Toei Animation. The reunion of the creative minds behind the original film ensures that this sequel will be a worthy continuation of the cosmic saga, promising an immersive experience for both returning fans and newcomers alike. Stay tuned as the cosmic journey continues, transcending boundaries and resonating with audiences worldwide.

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